Gabriel Rubio

Senior Wellsite Geologist

Gabriel Rubio has been a Senior Wellsite Geologist at Terra Guidance since 2015, and is a part of the first onsite crew established at TG. He graduated from Hope College in 2011 with a B.A. in Geology and Studio Art. In 2012 Gabriel made the move to Colorado from Holland, Michigan and began his career as a Wellsite Geologist soon after. During his 8 years well logging, he has gained experience in anylaizing gas and drill cuttings from lateral, scientific and exploratory wells. His onsite experience spans across multiple basins such as the Denver Julesberg and Piceance basins of Colorado and the Midland and Delaware basins in Texas and New Mexico.

Gabriel Lives in Golden, Colorado. When he is not onsite looking at rocks, you can find him outside looking at rocks for fun. Whether its on the mountain bike, the 4×4 trail with the Tacoma or a stroll in the Chilean Andes, there is always time to stop if a rock catches your eye!


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