Geosteering Essentials


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This short intensive course will introduce the fundamentals of geosteering and enhance your analytic interpretation skills. Participants should have a general understanding of rig operations and industry terminology with preferably one year of Oil and Gas experience.  

  • Three days of instruction and interaction within a small virtual classroom will provide opportunity for questions and personal engagement.  
  • Learn the ins and outs of geosteering using the industry standard Rogii StarSteer software with coursework in multiple U.S. onshore basins.  
  • Learn how to analyze multiple types of LWD data, set up projects, load incoming data, apply your learnings within sample projects, and how to effectively communicate your geosteering observations.  

Geosteering Essentials Intensive (3 days)

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  1. Oilfield terminology + Geosteering terminology 
  1. Trig calculations used for landing projections and geosteering 
  1. Geosteering Techniques and Software Basics  
  1. Basin knowledge  


Geosteering Essentials Intensive with Simulation Day ($1000) value  

  1. Everything in the 3day course plus a bonus simulation day using Rogii’s cutting edge Solo Cloud