“Big Cheers to Terra Guidance! Thanks to the Quality of Life Voucher Program I was able to get back to Cow-town to catch up and trade wellsite stories with an old buddy and geologist while taking in the Flames vs Sharks hockey game (we didn’t win but it was a great game). With the demanding logistics of working in the patch I am stoked to be a member of a team who operates under Quality of Life Culture!”

Spencer Brown
Spencer Brown

“I am very thankful to work for a company like TG that truly cares about the quality of life of their employees.  It is always great when hard work is acknowledged and appreciated, especially when it helps pay for FUN TIMES!  I got to go on a trip of a lifetime to Lake Powell on a houseboat for 4 days, run around Bryce Canyon, UT and spend the night in a Yurt along the scenic route home on UT-12 state highway.  Every turn you take on Lake Powell and highway 12 reveals a new and more beautiful canyon than the previous.  I enjoy working with all my rotation buddies and for a great company that not only motivates me to be a better worker, but the ability to balance that with quality time off.  This is by far the best trip for my wife and I, one we will never forget.  And I will never forget having the opportunity for working with a company like Terra Guidance.”

Horseshoe Bend
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