Terra Guidance is an employee-focused (or employee-centric) geologic oil and gas service company. We believe the success of Terra Guidance comes from treating our employees the right way. We live by the work hard-play hard mentality. We expect our employees to give us their absolute best while on the clock but we also value time off and time spent with loved ones. You must be a team player and have an understanding of how your communication comes across to others.  You will join the virtual cloud work environment and must be excellent with technology and problem solving.  More importantly, you must demonstrate humility, willingness to learn, and be an outstanding ‘brother’s keeper’.

Are you currently working for a mudlogging or geosteering company that has promised you the world and can’t seem to deliver on any of it? Need a month off to travel but can’t get the scheduled time off? Tired of having unplanned days off between rig moves? Would you like to learn geosteering and see other basins?


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