Mudlogging & Onsite Geosteering Services

At Terra Guidance we believe in challenging the status quo of what traditional mudlogging has become. We believe in providing our wellsite geologists a quality of life in the oil field that historically isn’t always present. We value our employees for the sacrifices they make day in and day out, in often treacherous conditions to provide a high-quality mudlogging product for our clients. We believe the strength of our department are the people providing the service. When we have motivated employees, we have satisfied clients. By focusing on the employee, we can help them achieve their goals and give them a career path, whether at Terra Guidance or another oil and gas company. As a result of our laser focus, Terra Guidance has become an industry leader in employee retention, as well as safety with 0 recordable incidents [DateCounter startDate=”2016-01-15″ endDate=”now” format=”Years”] years running.

We offer:

Mudlogging & Onsite Geosteering

  • 2-person Mudlogging Service:
  • 3-person rotations to ensure everyone time off and no one gets complacent from being in the field for months.
  • Detailed End of Well reports created by our Geologists for client use that include a synopsis of the drilling of the well, stratigraphic columns, overviews of gas activity and lithology, and select sample pictures and descriptions.
  • We are software neutral regarding steering platforms.
  • Hybrid Mudlogging:

Hybrid logging programs will be customized to your needs and a solution will be tailored for that.

Mudlogging & Onsite Geosteering

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