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All of our geological specialists have proven records of fieldwork and three or more years of experience in well placement technologies before joining Terra Guidance. This model enables us to leverage talented, experienced specialists to the operators who need them.

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Terra Guidance provides a full range of geo-analytical services for horizontal wells on real-time data streams and historical data sets. From classic mudlogging, remote geosteering, and remote directional services with a variety of on-site and remote services, we can build a custom package to provide you with exactly what you need before, during and after your drilling operation.

Founded in 2011, Terra Guidance is a unique U.S.-based geosteering firm that recognizes an emerging market in need of experienced geosteering specialists. With a revolutionary approach to human resources, our corporate structure allows us to attract and retain highly skilled individuals with the self-discipline necessary for high-quality results.

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Barton Creek Quality of Life

Quality of Life During a Recession

There is no question that Terra Guidance values Quality of Life for our team members and clients alike, even in a recession. We can’t forecast what is in store for our industry or the global market, so we are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. TG’s CEO recently sent an internal email…

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Sage Betts Goes Deep at Sanibel Island

Quality of Life  |  Peace of mind There is something remarkable about breathing ~~~ underwater.  You are surrounded by water, fish, and potential. What is going to come floating out of the abyss?  What is going to swim into view?  What could be hovering just past visibility? Do you know what could make this experience even…

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Terra Guidance has your back

Continental Divide Quality of Life

A career in the oil and gas industry is very demanding and often causes strain in your personal life. Terra Guidance recognizes these challenges and goes the extra mile to support and help ensure a high-quality of life, both on and off the job. The schedule Terra Guidance affords me allowed me to enjoy the…

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