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All of our geological specialists have proven records of fieldwork and three or more years of experience in well placement technologies before joining Terra Guidance. This model enables us to leverage talented, experienced specialists to the operators who need them.

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Trust is the cornerstone of any geosteering operation, which is why client confidence is central to Terra Guidance’s business philosophy and practice. With today’s drilling programs, wells cannot be properly overseen solely during office hours, and operations geologists cannot be expected to watch wells reliably around the clock in addition to their other job responsibilities. Terra Guidance can offer a range of effective and economical solutions to get you some Quality of Life.
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About Us

Terra Guidance provides a full range of geo-analytical services for horizontal wells on real-time data streams and historical data sets. From classic mudlogging, remote geosteering, and remote directional services with a variety of on-site and remote services, we can build a custom package to provide you with exactly what you need before, during and after your drilling operation.

Founded in 2011, Terra Guidance is a unique U.S.-based geosteering firm that recognizes an emerging market in need of experienced geosteering specialists. With a revolutionary approach to human resources, our corporate structure allows us to attract and retain highly skilled individuals with the self-discipline necessary for high-quality results.

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Wolfcamp C Calcite Crystal

Rocking Out! Wolfcamp C Calcite Crystal

Just left of center and circled in orange is a transparent to translucent euhedral to sparry calcite crystal approximately 5mm long.  This drill cuttings sample is from the Wolfcamp C Formation southwest of Loving, NM.  The limestone in this sample gives us a clue on the possible formation of this calcite crystal.  Within the off-white…

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Terra Guidance Flag

TG’s Traveling Flag

Where will it be spotted next? Regardless of whether on the derrick of a Nabors rig in the Midland Basin or flying high above Machu Picchu we fly it with a great deal of pride. A lot of hard work goes into making our company an amazing place for our team members as well as…

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Meet Yogi

Yogi is a 10 yr old German Short Haired Pointer who loves to run and run and run!  From pulling long boards to riding on the paddle board, he is often worn out when he comes inside to crash out on his Costco over-sized bed and sleeps through anything except raccoons getting into his food. …

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