Geoanalytical Support

Terra Guidance’s Auxiliary and Growth (A&G) Team is a small group within TG dedicated to organizational support, continuing education and industry guidance.  The A&G team has over 60 years combined experience in on-site, remote and operator experience in both Geology and Drilling.

Horizontal Resteer Analysis (HRA)

Terra Guidance’s Horizontal Analysis workflow provides operators with petrophysical properties along the laterals without the time and expense of running open-hole logs. The analysis provides detailed wellbore geometry. These analyses can be utilized for well planning, target refinement, planning completions, reservoir characterization, and performance review to Reduce Costs and Increase EUR.

Deliverables include:

  • Resteer with an associated project file
  • Petrophysical properties for lateral and stages/intervals
  • Wellbore Geometries for lateral and stages/intervals
  • Spotfire Project and database

Pseudo Petrophysical log data file

Operator Consultant Geologist

Ops Geo with in-house service provided in conjunction with TG Geosteering services. Available TG Geologists have 5-15 years of experience working for various-sized E&P companies and are responsible for a wide range of operational responsibilities.

8-hr office service 24-hr On-call service

Services include geosteering alongside TG geosteering specialists, attending operations meetings, assisting with updating maps, generating well plans for upcoming wells, resteering prior wells near upcoming wells, and night and weekend calls. The TG ops geo is responsible for decisions regarding the wellbore position with guidance from the operator geo.

Operator Geosteering Training

The objective of this program is to work closely with the trainee to significantly increase their knowledge and proficiency in geosteering using cutting-edge geosteering techniques and processes. At the end of this program, the trainee will be able to successfully geosteer wells in a defined basin and master the process and philosophy behind the work.


Most companies actively steering begin with an in-zone bias. As a development area matures and more control of the project is established, what was confidently in-zone can become out of the zone. Just like seismic, increasing interpretation accuracy with additional control yields a more accurate stratigraphic position. Terra Guidance offers an objective interpretation of data with accuracy being the only goal.

Planning Geology and Ops

Terra Guidance staff is experienced in permitting, geology, and drilling operations. We can assist in all facets of planning.

Geology Prognosis

As drilling progresses, contours and grids are adjusted in conjunction with the operator or alone to make immediate adjustments to current or upcoming plans. This creates a combined decision environment that ensures everyone is on the same page and can access information to make timely decisions. We make suggestions. You make the decisions. We will then make it happen.

Directional Planning

Terra Guidance can free up directional companies to focus on PvA and BHA performance. Outside vendor planning creates an environment of multiple QC points and limited points of data input where errors can occur. These multiple points of planning result in information circulating in a nonlinear fashion among multiple individuals and departments. TG provides an alternative. We strive for a focused picture of all plans in one place, not dispersed among multiple directional vendors. Terra Guidance operates with the attitude that these wells are not just one-off projects coming down a conveyor belt.


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